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When you have kids in tow, Valentine's Day festivities take on a whole new meaning (I think parents reading this will nod at this point), and the phrase three's a crowd springs to mind? :)

Because of that fact, I've often shared family-friendly Valentine's Day party ideas, recipes and crafts here on the blog.

But this year, since my kiddos are a little older; I fancy a little dinner date with my husband!

You see, when you're a work from home mom, your fashion sense tends to feature lower in the priority scale. It's not really intentional, just one of those "balls" that we have to keep juggling constantly otherwise it WILL drop, and next thing you know, you're wearing sneakers everywhere like you used to back in college...

So my husband is not used to seeing me in a dress or heels much. So much so, that when I got all dolled up for this shoot he said -"You know, I saw a beautiful princess in your studio today!"

I blushed (who knew you could blush after 11 years of mariage?!) and said "oh, this old thang?!" ;)

The moral is: no matter how old you are, I can guarantee you that if your other half says you look like a princess, it will be the only incentive you need to organize dinner dates more often. So here we are!

Dinner dates for us can be going out, but I often prefer staying in and watching a good old movie after the kids go to bed. It's our time to partay. Yes, we're wild like that :p

But the ideas in this shoot would totally work if you're having girlfriends over for lunch, brunch or dinner on Valentine's Day. Or why not, a bridal shower too?!

A Modern Valentine's Day Dinner Party - Table Styling & DIY Decorations

Whether you're styling a romantic dinner for your other half or having girls 'round, Valentine's Day gives us an excuse to go all out with the hearts and cute details when dressing a table.

As usual, there are some easy and inexpensive DIY details in this shoot that you can totally copy at home!

XOXO DIY Painted Tablecloth

The tablecloth was a DIY painted paper runner we created for the occasion - simply use black acrylic paint and a white paper tablecloth to paint random XO all over. It's a simple yet cost-effective way to help tie in all the decor details.

Easy DIY Flower Arrangement

For this table we loved incorporating simple flower arrangements that even someone who thinks they're "creatively challenged" can pull off in style.

We picked a few red, pink, fuchsia and blush rose anemones and inexpensive carnations for bulking out our mini vases. Using carnations is a great trick used by party planners to create volume without breaking the bank!

DIY Table Centerpiece

To accompany our low-maintenance flower arrangements, we opted for grouping pink and red candles in our table centerpiece. Not only it provides extra warmth and light to the table, but it offers a really structural element that I love!

Keeping the candles at varying heights ensure that the display looks interesting and gives it that modern vibes we're looking for in this table.

A Modern Valentine's Day Dinner Party - Menu

DIY Scratch Card Menus

To complete each place setting we made some DIYscratch card menus for the fun factor! We have a really simple way to making these that involves nail polish(!), so watch out for a tutorial and freebie printables coming next week.

Your guests will truly love revealing their menu selection at the table. Trust! :)

Valentine's Day Dinner Party Menu

For my dinner party menu with my man, I intend to serve prawn bisque, followed by steak with Roquefort sauce and homemade sauteed fries. I don't know many men who could resists a steak and fries dinner, so I'm going for the 'catch him by his stomach' philosophy ;)

For dessert, I'm serving pink champagne jello (recipe coming later in the week) to share.

But if you have girlfriends around, you may want to serve a lighter menu.

I love cooking. It's my way to show someone I love them. So I'll be cooking with pleasure. Whatever you decide, please know you don't have to cook all yourself - some of your fav restaurants may have a totally suitable take-out option or even home-delivery, so go for that option if you don't fancy cooking.

Valentine's Day Photo Booth Props

I love photo booths. Whatever the occasion, they really inject a little fun factor into the festivities. And the fact that you have cool photos after the party is a huge bonus in my book, so I'm all up for including photo booths in any event I host. And Valentine's Day is no different.

Heart shaped balloons, love your #selfie balloons or even that heart eyes emoji balloonwould make great photo booth props. They're an easy and inexpensive option, a little more different from all the usual photo booth props you see around...and totally adorable! ♥

Aaaand, cute balloons can also hide your face, if for instance; you have no make-up on!! ;)

A Modern Valentine's Day Dinner Party - Credits

Styling and photos: Bird's Party

Balloons: Bird's Party Shop

Chocolate hearts: SweetWorks

Polka dot party straws:

Click here for more Valentine's Day party ideas!

Party Ideas | Party Printables Blog: A Modern Valentine's Day Dinner Party (2024)
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